Persistence of Ebola virus in survivors

A short article in this trimester’s installation of Sciences au Sud, official news rag for France’s Institute of Research for Development, on our work explaining how the persistence of Ebola virus in survivors contributes to the epidemic, along with information from another IRD team who have been doing the hard work of actually measuring how often and how long the virus sticks around after patients have recovered. Sorry, it’s only available in French at the moment.



RedditScience AMA 7/20/2016 Sexual transmission and Ebola epidemiology

Carmen Lia Murall, Christian Althaus and myself will be hosting Reddit Science’s PLOS Science Wednesday AskMeAnything session today (1pm EST) on the sexual transmission of Ebola virus and its impact on the epidemic in West Africa. Our mathematical model on this subject can be found in the journal PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, published early this year. We will be taking any and all questions here:  Permanent archive to be found (and citable) here:




Collaborator Christian Althaus is on his way to the Swiss Meeting on Infectious Disease Dynamics at the Geneva Health Forum today, presenting our results on how sexual transmission of Ebola virus from convalescent survivors affects the tail of the epidemic.